And the FINAL exam…

So today was my final final exam.   I have to say again that these exams are absolutely brutal.  We all staggered out of the classroom looking dazed and mumbling to ourselves, “What just happened?”

We aren’t try to pass the bar, for pete’s sake, we’re just taking an intermediate level language class!  This one was “only” five pages long (and I say “only” because our prof cheerfully assured us before the test: “Ne vous inquiétez pas, il n’y a que cinq pages cette fois”   Ha, ha, ha!)  To give an idea of how much writing there was, I rotated between two pencils and sharpened each one at least 3-4 times.

When most of us were only on the third page he began his countdown…. “il reste quinze minutes…”  When he saw the panicked faces he relented and told us that since it was our last class, he’d tack on an extra 10 minutes.  Ha, ha, ha!  (I am still a little hysterical)  We needed another hour at leastOr maybe a couple of days.

These were exercises I would have trouble doing in English – never mind French.  We had to rewrite sentences using relative pronouns, for example, and we’d have a sentence that said something like:

En été je passe mes vacances au bord de la mer dans une petite maison à côté d’un voisin avec un voilier magnifique”.    (“I spend my summer vacations in a cottage at the seashore next door to a guy with a cool sailboat”.)

At that point I’m sure most of us were wishing we were in the South of France with the neighbor and his boat rather than sitting in a classroom trying to rewrite that sentence using relative pronouns.

Anyway, let the chips fall where they may (que les chips tombent n’importe où) I’m DONE.


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