Ferris Wheels

The French apparently love their grandes roues because I’ve already seen three of them, in three different cities, which makes me wonder if every town in France puts one up at Christmas time.  I’ll have to add that the roue seems to be a bigger attraction than the sapin de Noël of which I have seen relatively few (and of those, none are very spectacular).

First, the one in Paris at the Place de la Concorde.  And yes, they call it the Roue de Paris… Paris Wheel/Ferris Wheel…ha, ha.  Its so big I couldn’t even get it in the picture.  197 ft. high.


The next largest was the one in Lille at about 150+ ft.


And even little Amiens has a Ferris Wheel.  This is the “junior” version (not sure the height) which I actually did – yes! – take a ride in and had to close my eyes when going up.

529Amiens has one of the largest Marchés de Noël in Northern France which I will cover soon – once I finish exams and spend some time there!  It is truly a Christmas Wonderland and worth every bit of a trip to France just to experience it and see the spectacular lighting of the Cathedral.

Lots of pics of all this coming!


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