A Week in Paris – Part V

Day 5:  Musée de Cluny and Jardin du Luxembourg

First on the agenda was another museum.  (I love museums!)  This is the Musée de Cluny which is housed in a 14th century structure near the Sorbonne.   It is a medieval history museum and as would be expected (given the time period as well as its affiliation with an Abbey at the time it was built) it is heavy on religious artifacts and imagery.


There was a room full of stained glass

095And many fabulous tapestries.  The showpiece, of course, being the Lady and the Unicorn.

103It is hard to see the tapestry detail in the big picture so I took a close up shot to show the texture.

There were artifacts galore, many gold and jeweled encrusted religious items.  But one that particularly caught my fancy was this.  Beautiful in its simple elegance,  The Golden Rose:


After a couple of hours spent indoors, it was time to enjoy yet another beautiful Fall day outside.  After a quick 10€ sandwich (I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not!) I walked straight to the Jardin du Luxembourg, thanks to my handy compass app.

119This was a good place to stop and relax a little while before heading back to the hotel.  On the way back, I once again enjoyed Sunset at the Eiffel Tower as shown in my last post.   Ate some cold spaghetti out of the can for dinner (from the sublime to the mundane) and went to bed.


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