A Week in Paris – Part II

Day 3 – Versailles

So on this day, I decided (along with about 10,000 other people) to visit the opulent Palace at Versailles.  I have been here before, many years ago, and I actually remember it pretty well.  I think the only thing that has changed is that the price of admission has quadrupled!

022I won’t include too many pictures although I took about a hundred, but a couple of highlights:


The Queen’s Chamber


The famous Hall of Mirrors.  The infamous Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, was signed here.


There were visitors here from all over the world.  Lots of Americans and many, many Japanese (who are apparently the most hard-core tourists on the planet from what I’ve seen).

An amusing little incident took place when I was resting on a bench and a man approached the people sitting next to me and asked “Vous parlez français?”.  Seriously, there were so many foreign visitors that he had to ask around to find someone who spoke French in France!


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