A Week in Paris – Part III

Day 4 – Place des Vosges, Home of Victor Hugo

This day I wanted to visit the museum at the home of Victor Hugo.  How I wish I had actually read Les Misérables rather than just having seen the musical and the movie with Hugh Jackman.  I hope I will actually read it one day – all 9000 some-odd pages of it.  (And if any of my professors are reading this, please don’t take that statement too literally!)

076The home of Victor Hugo is in a corner of the Place des Vosges.

This guy got a lot of press in his day because there were many paintings and busts of him.  But by far and away the most interesting bust was the one by Rodin.

070 - Copie

He had the requisite tragedy of a tortured artist.  His lovely daughter Léopoldine drowned in the River Seine at age 19 along with her young husband who drowned trying to save her.


And the best part was seeing his room, where he supposedly did his writing, and where he died.  Is it just me, or is the color scheme rather intense and unsettling?

071 - Copie

So back out into the sunlight.  Nearby is the Place de la Bastille.


At this point in the day I was so hungry I ended up eating a way overpriced lunch in a sidewalk cafe  – a sandwich, fries and drink for 14€, which is about $18!

In my whole week in Paris I ate once in a cafe and once at a sidewalk vendor (the sandwich and drink there was “only” 10€.)  The rest of the time I bought food at the grocery store to carry with me or eat in my hotel room.  Lots of dull, cold meals.  The only hot meal I ate the entire week was when I was treated to lunch at a Thai restaurant with some friends one day.  Enjoying fine French cuisine is NOT on my list of memorable experiences in France so far.

Fortified by my expensive lunch, I headed down the river…. continued…


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