A Week in Paris – Part I

160I’ll start at the beginning – the arrival point from Amiens, Gare du Nord in Paris.

Day One: Arrival

After arriving at my hotel – which involved a couple of Metro transfers and then a long walk – I didn’t do much that day except take the train into the city to take a quick look-see.

Day Two:  Notre Dame

Notre DameWell I’m just going to be honest here and say that while this cathedral is indeed magnificent, I think the one in Amiens is more beautiful.  (Biased a little, but that’s my opinion.)  I’m still shocked how many people  I’ve talked to in France have never been to Amiens!  But thousands of people were here.

It was in this courtyard where I finally felt like I didn’t stand out as an American.  One of the hustlers who try to scope out Americans with their “do you speak English?” line zeroed in on a guy right beside me who was sporting blue jeans, sneakers, a big back pack and a bigger beer belly.  Meanwhile they ignored me – probably because I was wearing black jeans and boots, a jaunty scarf, and a haughty expression.

As the week went on, I was approached by any number of French people asking me where the nearest Metro station was, which train to take, or directions to somewhere or other.  (And yes, occasionally I could give them the information!)  I was never once approached by the American-seeking con men so I take that as evidence that I was able to blend in…well at least as long as I kept my mouth shut, that is.

I arrived via this Metro station.  And yes, that is a French guy wearing white sneakers.  Just saying…

Metro Station

And one of the first things I saw when I got off the Metro was THIS.  Not only an eyesore – are they serious??? – but it boggles my mind to think how much this cost Apple.

019 - Copie

If you could keep the shameless advertising out of sight, the rest of the scene was charming.

Pont NeufPont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris



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