Gimme Coffee!


If I seem a little cranky lately, could it be because I haven’t had a good cup of coffee in TWO MONTHS?  You can rave about French wine and cheese, but the coffee is terrible.  Yes once again, I get up this morning and pour a cup of coffee at the breakfast bar at the hotel and look at it longingly.  It looks like regular coffee but then I take a sip and (((shudder))).   It is thin and bitter and burnt tasting (I guess they call that French Roast.  I call it yucky).  Even the McDonalds here don’t serve the same coffee as back home, they have “McCafé-au-Lait” or whatever it is.  The only good thing I can say about it is that it comes in stingy little portions – for a high price – so you don’t have to drink very much of it.

143(You think I’m kidding?)

I have a lot to write about Paris – but that will be in a couple of days when I get my photos uploaded.  Meanwhile another day of caffeine withdrawal and some serious jones-ing for good old American coffee.


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