Saturday about Town

My first destination for the day was the museum at the home of Jules Verne.  I was disappointed that I was not allowed to take pictures inside because it was very cool.  There were some models of his fantasy flying machines up in the “attic” along with posters from all the movie adaptations of his novels.  For anyone who is interested in such things, the writings of Jules Verne were a major influence on Steampunk culture.  The flying machine models were so cool I was almost tempted to take pictures (but the docent warned me I’d be “watched” by surveillance cameras, and I took heed.)  If Steampunk is your thing, I’d recommend a trip to Amiens, France to pay homage to the imaginative Mr. Verne.007

And yes, the sky really was that blue today.   Which brings me once again to the Cathedral.  It is maddening to try to capture in a photograph the grandeur and the splendor of such an edifice.  A picture simply cannot do it justice, rather like the Grand Canyon.  I have been here nearly six weeks and I’ve seen the Cathedral dozens of times already.  But it never fails to take my breath away.  I want to capture that in a photo but its just not possible.  Nevertheless, today it looked especially fetching because the sky was so brilliantly blue.  Although the photos can’t possibly give the true perspective, the Cathedral seems to soar to the heavens.  It is utterly magnificent.  023024

The main downtown commercial area centers around the Cathedral and a routine day of shopping affords little glimpses around every corner.  This is the spire of the Cathedral off in the distance.


And is it okay if I sneak one more picture of the clock in here?  (Well I guess I can do anything I want, this is my blog!)  So here it is with the Cathedral in the background.  The picture is a little washed out because the sun was so bright, but still one of my favorite views in the whole city.  The clock is another one of those things you just have to see in person to fully appreciate.  I am somewhat obsessed with it!


Here is the Amiens Bell Tower or le Beffroi d’Amiens.  Not as beautiful as the other sites, but still very striking (pun intended).017

Saturday seems to be Wedding Day at the hôtel de ville, which is the City Hall,  Wedding parties were spewing out into the square all afternoon.  015

The Palais de Justice which I assume is the Courthouse.025And finally, a picture of the river and Parc Saint-PierrePark St. Leu2
Hard to believe that when I woke up this morning it was dreary gray and rainy.  Then it turned out to be a gorgeous Fall day.  I walked for miles and miles today, I want to take in all the sunshine while I can!


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