French Eggs


I’m finally ready to rave about some French food and you probably didn’t expect it to be EGGS.

I’ve been here a little over a month, and I haven’t eaten many “To Die For” meals in France.   “Good”, yes.  “Very Good”, occasionally.  But since I can’t afford to dine in the best restaurants in Paris, nothing has been utterly amazing.  Except – go figure – the eggs.

Yes, of course the bread is fantastic, the cheese is fantastic, the wine is fantastic.  That is no surprise to anyone, so I’ll skip over that.  But I never had such delicious eggs in all my life as French eggs.  Like our fruit back home, each egg has a stamp, presumably identifying its origin. They are like the more expensive brown eggs we can buy at home.  But they are SO GOOD.  Unlike the pallid, yellow yolks from our tired, white eggs, these have big, round, orange yolks.

eggLooks like sunshine in a frying pan  🙂

And I even figured out how to boil eggs in the microwave


And yes, even make an omelet in the microwave!  The trick is to pour the eggs on a plate, turn the power down to about 30%, and cook it very slowly.564

And flavor.  Who knew eggs even had flavor? 😉   In fact a family I dined with last weekend served eggs for dinner and they didn’t even salt and pepper them (I had to ask for salt.)  Maybe we have to salt our eggs because they are so bland.

And as further proof that it takes very little to make my day, I’ll post the newest addition to my dorm:  a coffeemaker I bought for 7,99€.  After a month of instant coffee every morning, I just had to have the real thing.  Coffee in a café is good, but its not the great big bottomless cup that Americans are used to in restaurants.  A dinky little 4 oz coffee will set you back about 2-3€ and still leave you wanting more.  (hint, hint, would love me a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee to brew in my new coffeemaker!)

coffeemaker .


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