Out and About the Town

003  I just like this picture because it is colorful.  The display of fruits and vegetables is so pretty, it looks more like a still life than just an ordinary market on an ordinary street corner in an ordinary town, which is what it is of course. (ETA:  This is my favorite photo of all from my time in France.)


008A canal runs through the city and these are the views from each side of a footbridge that crosses it.



And now for my quest.  I posted this picture before, but I took another picture of it yesterday because I LOVE THIS CLOCK TOWER!  My quest is to find a replica – ideally an actual working clock.  Maybe about a foot high, something I could put on the mantle.  But I was told by a local resident that they simply don’t exist.  “Nobody ever thought of that”, she told me.  I find that rather hard to believe after recently visiting the Eiffel Tower where we were besieged with vendors hawking mini replicas.  Seriously, you couldn’t take ten steps without stumbling over yet another pile of tacky little Eiffel Towers.  So why wouldn’t anybody reproduce this fabulous clock tower?


Horloge Dewailly et Marie-sans-chemise


2 thoughts on “Out and About the Town

  1. mcbaldwin55

    The canal photos set off a ding, ding, ding for me. Those buildings definitely look very family to me. I’m going to have to go back and look at some of my old photos and see if those match up.


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