The Official Welcome to Amiens

This is most of our group of students in front of the Cathedral d’Amiens.  Yes, I am there, but no, you can’t really see me.  Look for the girl with the long, red hair on the front row – third from the right.  I am the face peeking just over her right shoulder.

Newspaper article

Courier picard

We were welcomed at a reception at the Hôtel de Ville  (City Hall) by several city officials including the mayor of Amiens.


L’Hôtel de Ville


Reception for Erasmus/ISEP students

This weekend we had a picnic at the Parc Saint-Pierre with all the international students.


Picnic for Erasmus/ISEP students at Parc Saint-Pierre




This is just a very funky clock that I snapped on the fly but I don’t know anything about it. I just thought it was very cool.  (ETA:  This is the Horloge Dewailly et Marie-sans-chemise)


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