Je suis bien arrivée !

I’m tired!

I got up at 5:00 am the day of my flight.  I had the idea that 1. I should get up early to help reset my body clock and 2. I would therefore be tired enough to sleep on the plane.

Well, yes and no.  Except for some dozing, I haven’t slept now in something like 32 hours and a few more to go before I hit the sack.

Stressful moments at the airport when it looked like my connecting flight which was delayed was going to make me miss the last flight out of Charlotte to Paris.  Let’s just say it would have been the biggest bummer EVER to have started out the day thinking you’ll be in Paris only to find yourself in the Airport Holiday Inn.  Thankfully (after way too many stressful moments waiting on our delayed departure) I not only made it onto the Paris flight, but my bag made it too.  It was close, but it happened.  Yay!

Bienvenue á Paris” consisted of being disembarked on the tarmac (we didn’t rate a gate for whatever reason) and shuttled off to the terminal for Customs.  This was pretty much a non-event as the officer simply took my passport, stamped it, and handed it back without so much as a Bonjour.  After getting the third degree at the French Consulate in Atlanta (“can you prove you are a student?”) I had expected a little more red tape.


So that 100 lbs of luggage I brought with me?  It had to be carried up a dozen different escalators which were barely wide enough for my largest bag.  Dragged through turnstiles sideways.  Carried on the Metro, off the Metro, and up flights of stairs.   I still have to shove it all into a small European car to get it to Amiens.

Que l’aventure commence !


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